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HKDSS Competitions

For our competions, we aim to provide training to our affiliated members regarding how to clean and visualize data using top data analytics tools on the field. Afterwards there will be a competition for our affiliated members to solve business questions. Affiliated members will then have an opportunity to present their findings and our panel of judges will give meaningful feedback to ensure affiliated members understand how they can improve their journey as a data scientist.

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For every competition we do, we aim to provide training at the start of the competition.

Our members will then compete by answering a specific business question using real data. The compete part of the competition will require our members to understand the necesary data infrastructure as well as the model that is required to solve the problem

The members will then present their ideas to our judges. Our judges are all experienced data scientists that will ask the presenter questions on their model. We will also give feedback on each of the presentation.

Finally prizes and rewards will be given to the members. Our prizes include in-ear headphones.